The Book of the Magical Mythical Unicorn: A Unique Anthology of Esoteric Knowledge, Myths, and Legends

Unicorn Symbolism, History, and Mythology In One Anthology

The Book of the Magical Mythical Unicorn is an anthology of esoteric knowledge, myths, and legends about the most magical of beasts: the mythical unicorn. Utilizing a global lens, the authors delve into the critical importance of the timeless unicorn across multiple cultures and spiritual traditions to display the transformative energy of the creature and its larger effect on humanity’s consciousness.

No other mythological creature is enjoying as rapid an ascent into the public eye and consciousness as the magical unicorn. Unicorn symbolism is now a fixture in contemporary pop culture. People young and old are captivated by the magical legends and mythology of the unicorn. This book explores a diverse assortment of tales about the unicorn, ranging from its presence in the Garden of Eden, its foretelling of the births of Confucius and the Buddha, its protection of India from the wrath of Genghis Khan’s army, and its depiction within heraldry, including in the Scottish and British thrones. It features in-depth sections on the use of the unicorn’s horn for detecting poisons and healing, the horn’s connection to the opening of the third eye, and the unicorn’s depictions in ancient Sumeria, Egypt, and many other early civilizations.

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About the Authors

Vakasha Brenman was President of the Unicorn Archive, Inc. and one of the foremost researchers in the field. She devoted her life to preserving and disseminating mythological and esoteric knowledge through the creation of documentary films, theatre, and illustrated children's books. Born in Trinity, North Carolina, Vakasha lived in New York, NY for the last several decades of her life. She passed away in 2020.

Alfonso Colasuonno has cultivated a lifelong passion for the paranormal and cryptozoology, and among his earliest memories are scouring books of the unexplained at his aunt's home during family gatherings. Alfonso is the co-founder of Real Unicorn Apparel with his wife, Lauren Rubin. He currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

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